My Side Projects

I’ve a number of side projects (and a pretty short attention span).

I usually keep track of suggested features and fixes in a Trello board and iterate through the projects as my attention and needs wander.

When I have the time I’ll write more in depth posts about each of these but until then, here is the short list of projects that I spend most of my time on:


Greptools is a collection of source code searching tools. The idea is to have language specific tools that have a basic understanding of each language and can sort matching lines into a hierarchical tree. This provides a lot more context to the user who may not be familiar with the code base.

For example, the first greptool I wrote was pygt (PYthon GrepTool). Results are sorted by method, class and file and results look like this:



Daftpunk is a project I started to help me search for interesting properties on the Irish property market by analysing data found on

It’s early days at the moment but I’m hoping to use this project as a platform to learn more about a vast array of different technologies such as: docker, AWS, web development tech such as Flask and D3.js, redis and eventually data science techniques like topic modelling.


This is my first serious vim plugin. It wraps around the docker cli in mush the same way that fugitive wraps git. It makes use of preview windows and key mappings to speed up my workflow.

It currently offers experimental integration with not only docker but fig as well. I’m hoping to expand on this and support tools like docker-machine and docker-compose very soon!

Open Source Contributions

I’ve also made a number of contributions to various open source projects:


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